Tubby Rash Cream

External skin of young adults
Protects from influence,
Calms and revives the skin
60 ml

Mode of Application:
The cream is on the affected skin
It is applied 2-3 times a day.
Shake before use.
Store in a cool, sunshine protected area,
Shelf life of 2 years.


           - Glycerol
Aloe Vera
-Cera alba
-Sing oxide
- Jojoba oil
- Abacado oil
-Vitamin E
-Stearic acid
-Capril acids triglyceride
- Glycerin monostearate
- Helianthus seed oil
- Vitellaria oil is great
- Indian coconut oil
- almond oil
-Shetile alcohol
- Allantoin
- Sodium metabisulfide
- Potassium hydroxide
-Kaliy sorbit
- water


Mfg. by AestheBio at 466, 12th A Cross Peenya 4th Phase, PIA, Bengaluru-560058
Under Technical Assistanve from Sante Mernaud, Inc. NC, USA
Special for:
“SanteMernaud”, Inc. Nc, USA